Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Carnival Time!!

Spring 2013

Unschooling Blog Carnival!

Our December Unschooling Blog Carnival was so awesome! We had fabulous blogposts from new unschoolers and veterans, from grown unschoolers as well as unschoolers from all over the world.

Let's do it again!

 Submit unschooling blog posts that YOU find most inspiring! Sharing these posts may be just what some struggling unschooler needs to read. 

These Unschooling Favorites should be fairly recent - but if you stumble across something wonderful, that the blogger wrote within the last 6 months, that will work too!

 Unschooling Bloggers can still submit their own blogposts - just pick a post that you think is your best writing/most thought-provoking or encouraging.

Inspired by an Unschooling Blogger? 

Share with us!


NEXT DEADLINE: April 20, 2013

Planning to Publish: May 1, 2013


Spread the word!

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