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June Carnival: Dads

Dads are often a little overlooked in our community. Moms seem to take center stage with seeking out information and resources and contacts. But this month, with Father's Day around the corner, we decided to share what our unschooling bloggers have to say about Dads and how they've influenced our lives.  We have some very touching & WONDERFUL posts from unschooling bloggers writing what was on their hearts. You'll find tributes to husbands and partners as well as tributes to our own dads below.

In looking for a theme this month, we had a few options. We could go with songs and lyrics about dads... but so many of these were sad songs.  When you look up the Top 10 Father's Day songs, it was kind of disappointing! Papa Was A Rolling Stone by The Temptations made the list? How could that be celebrating this day? If you're looking for music, here are the Top Tens for Father's Day:  Country SongsHipHop SongsRock, and even a Bollywood collection!  Fun, but not what we were looking for.

Then we brainstormed about poetry or pictures but this is the
UNSCHOOLING Blog Carnival.! 

Visualizing gruff carny workers shouting, "Try Your Luck!" from their booths, we decided to take a different path this time. The unschooling dads we know are cool with irreverent fun dad stuff.  So we've interspersed some photos and comments from a couple of outside sources. Awkward Family Photos combined with to create a special collection for Father's Day. If you like this kind of humor, you might like the Awkward Family Photos book.  Our other contribution comes from Dads are the Original Hipsters with fantastic photos, primarily from the 70's. They also have a book called, of course, Dads Are the Original Hipsters.  Some of what cracks me up about these photos are that some of MY husband's pictures could probably be in this collection! But I'll save that for another day. ;)

Thanks so much to the Unschooling bloggers of our community who shared a little about their worlds.  And we hope you are entertained by the other dads out there who are influencing the world of tomorrow.  We hope it will make you laugh... think of it as the House of Mirrors or Bearded Lady or some other Human Sideshow. We are, after all, a CARNIVAL!

Enjoy! And please take a second to comment at the unschooling blogposts. It's always nice to know who's stopping by!


Cydney and  Sue


You can always spot the dads who will have trouble letting go
(Awkward Family Photo)

Frank Maier's blogpost is a Tribute to Dads - June Unschooling Blog Carnival from his blog Singularity.

Gail Higgins blogpost shares about Two Dads at her Hummingbird Haven.

If he couldn't blow out the candles,
his father was always there to help him out
(Awkward Family Photo)

 Sue Patterson shares that For Some People, It's Just Natural in her blog Lifelong Learning

Shannon Burton blogs at The Unfettered Life and shares Jim Burton - So Much More than a Dad! 

Linni blogs at Radical Ramblings and this month is Celebrating Hedgehog.

It's amazing what Dad can get done when he puts his mind to it
(Awkward Family Photo)

Sylvia Toyama asks What Makes Him Dad? in her blog My Square One.

Jennifer Armstrong blogs that it's almost inexplicable, my love: a tribute from o frabjous day.

Katie Pybus writes from Outside the Box and shares Who's the Daddy?

Angela blogs about Taking a Break with Daddy at her blog EarthMamasWorld.

And here's a little more humor from Dads are the Original Hipsters:

"Your dad was the original risk-taker before you were born and hospitals knew him by name to prove it. He's surfed Harleys, dove from planes, and done just about everything else that could get a man killed. He was an addict who couldn't live unless his blood was intoxicated with adrenalin. Sure, he's snapped bones from top speed falls and had countless skin-suit alterations, but it was worth it to be the king of the streets. Fear was a foreign thing to him and his scars were a daily reminder of awesomeness past." (10/12/11)

                                                                                       "Your dad was a filmmaker before you were. He was the Kubrick of domestic cinematography who made monumental documentaries like Baby's First Steps, Christmas 1985, and the widely acclaimed Accidental Nut Shot, When Baseballs Strike Back. While never reaching the cocaine filled heights of Hollywood, his films can still be seen today on your beta max or VCR." (6/27/11

"Your dad was a wild man before you were and he's got the shirtless primal-screaming skills to prove it. Now docile inside the suited, shaved, and aged body of your dad is a chaos part-wolf that yearns to howl freedom into the night. He lived his youth in a raging-haze of whisky hangovers, sun-weathered skin and adventure time. Each day doctors gave him a life expectancy of hours, but he middle finger saluted the reaper and kept ripping through life. His parents, your mom and the police all tried to tame him, but time was the only thing to slow him down. Your craziest nights out would have been the tame forgotten evenings of your dad's life!" (11/16/11)

"Your dad knew about irony before you did and had 'Le Car' to prove it. For $300 and half roll of mint Lifesavers, he purchased rolling satire. His "chariot" cemented his place as "The Most Ironic Man in the World" because he bought a car that wasn't a car, but called itself a car by writing car on the car. He was a visionary of irony that liked everything everyone else hated so once he made itpopular, he could hate on it and say he liked it before it was cool. He liked disco in the 60's, hair metal in the 70's, and wore Clarkston High School track shirts even though he never ran and didn't go to that school. Everything he has ever done has been ironic, including having you.

Your dad is so ironic that after spending his entire youth rebelling against his father, the most ironic thing he could was become him by having you and being a dad himself (which is also the same track you're currently on, and yet another example of something else he did before you.)" (12/19/11)

We still left you a lot of hilarious photos to look at and read about at Dads are the Original Hipsters  and Awesome Family Photos
Next month, we'll be taking July off and coming back in August with the theme:


Remember when all school kids had to write a paper on "What I did for my summer vacation?" 
Gone are the days! 
Unschoolers have the freedom to have vacations all year long! 
Have you had a great vacation with your family? 
Or maybe you all had a Camp-in instead of a Campout? 
How about a fun homeschooling conference? 

Tell us all about it and send your blog URL to Sue and Cydney at 


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  2. Thanks for all the effort and energy that has happened here. :-)

  3. You're welcome! Thank you both for commenting!
    I was hoping our sense of humor wasn't too wacky for people. lol