Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring: April's Carnival


Ahhh...the winter is finally behind us. Plants are popping up, temperatures are mild, and everyone wants to be outside. Unschoolers are no exception! And, without the schoolish requirements to sit behind a desk or at a kitchen table, unschooled children are out and about in this gorgeous weather.  No daydreaming out the windows WISHING for a little freedom for these kids and their families!

April's Unschooling Blog Carnival will look a little different. We were sitting around thinking about how we'd thematically tie all the blog submissions together. We had spent a lovely afternoon lunching at an Ethiopian Vegetarian buffet, and then wandered to the local gardening store looking for inspiration for our gardens. Afterwards, we logged onto Pinterest to look at our latest pins - still searching for inspiration.  Suddenly we realized what we needed to do! We'd set up a Pinterest account for the Unschooling Blog Carnival.

We've taken each of the three carnivals we've done, and linked each blog from our new collective Pinterest account. For those of you familiar with pinning, each month will have its own "Board." And each blogpost with any picture (because this is a visual thang), will have its own "Pin." Hopefully, this will bring more traffic to our unschooling bloggers' blogs, and well, just add another level of fun!

If you haven't set up an unschooling board on YOUR Pinterest account, maybe it's time! Repin as many blogposts as you like. Feel free to repin them all!  That way others will see what's going on and want to read more too! Be sure to "Follow" the Unschooling Blog Carnival on Pinterest. Here's the easy link:

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Bloggers, and anyone else who feels like supporting our little carnival, please put the Unschooling Blog Carnival logo on the sidebar of your blog. This will help us attract more bloggers and keep everyone checking back. The linkable "Badge" is on the Left Side Bar here. 

Lastly, a note to everyone, don't forget to comment at the blogposts too - bloggers really appreciate knowing that you've read their post. 

Now, let the show begin!
April 2012: SPRING
Unschooling Blog Carnival

When I'm 64 at Frank's blog: Singularity. (Happy Birthday, Frank!)

Spring, Sprang, Sprung at Gail Higgins' blog: Hummingbird Haven.

Skyping the Seasons at Lauren Fisher's blog: Sparkling Adventures.

Sprummer No Longer at Linda Wyatt's blog: Unschooling Me.

Blossoming Gardens at Sue Patterson's blog: Lifelong Learning.

Springtime Surges On at Shan's blog: The Unfettered Life.

Spring Is Here!! at Radical Ramblings

The Vernal Equinox: Our Easter is at Amy Bradstreet's blog: On Bradstreet.

April 1st, 2012 - National Kite Month is at Cathy Earle's blog: Every Day is Special.

Ah, Springtime in Austin, Texas at Heather Booth's blog: Today Was Amazing!

158 in Teresa Honey's blog: The Honey House Kindergarden.

Explorer Sundays at Christina's blog: Gnomes at Home.

Next Month, for May's Unschooling Blog Carnival...

In honor of Mother's Day 

It's time for another round of "I'm THAT Mom!"  

We know that people sometimes question some of the decisions unschooling moms make. 
But now's your chance to celebrate it! 
Unschooling moms are not afraid to go outside box if it's right for their child. 
Tell us about it!

And, if you're an unschooling dad who'd like to celebrate the mom at your house - how you think she's fearless and strong and smart and loving and compassionate...well, you know what to say. ;) 
Share that with us too!

Enjoy Spring, and thanks for reading the Unschooling Blog Carnival!

Cydney and  Sue