What's a Blog Carnival?

A Blog Carnival is a little like a magazine and a little like a carnival midway.

As a Carnival Midway- When carnivals blow into town, they bring all sorts of entertainment. The Midway is full of booths beckoning you to come see what fun they have to offer. The Blog Carnival does the same thing. Each blog post that has been submitted is like a booth. The blogger shares their post for your entertainment, thought provocation, etc. You can read more in depth with them, or move on to the next booth/blog post.

Carnival goers are encouraged to leave a comment at the blog post; think of it as simple chit chat. You might even mention that you found their blog through the Unschooling Blog Carnival. Then, just as the carnival rolls on to a new town the next month, so will our Unschooling Blog Carnival. Brave unschooling bloggers are invited to host the carnival and put it up on their site for the month. Here's what would be involved with Hosting the Carnival.

As a Magazine - Each monthly installment of the blog carnival, will link you to a collection of blog posts from various bloggers. In our case, these are all unschooling bloggers. And, additionally, we've decided to set a theme each month to tie it all together. As the host/editor, we'll write brief comments about the blog, introducing it to the readers. We'll often use some of their pictures or share annotations from their post to entice people to read more.

The most successful blog carnivals have lots of people involved.

  • The Organizer - sets up the site, maintains the lists, determines submission criteria, and frequency. The Organizer coordinates who will host each month and basically gets the show on the road.
  • The Hosts - volunteers to host a Carnival edition at their blog for one month. They collect blog posts and tie it all together with links to bloggers' sites.  Hosting a Carnival brings them more blog traffic for their efforts. They get to show off some creativity to the Carnival readers as well by designing that month however they choose.
  • The Bloggers - submit a post that they'd like to share with a wider audience. The submission criteria is at the Unschooling Blog Carnival blog. The deadline is the 25th of each month. Bloggers share at their blogs and other social media when they have been included in the Carnival.
  • The Audience - is full of bloggers and readers. They are coming to read some wonderfully inspiring work by unschoolers in our community in one big collection.

A great explanation of what a Blog Carnival is all about is written up at:
Blog Carnival: A Blog Communities Publishing Magazine


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