Friday, March 23, 2012

Requesting Blogposts for April 2012!

The Unschooling Blog Carnival theme 

What does it mean in your unschooling world?  

  • Are you planting a garden with your kids?
  • Did you go on a cool adventure noticing all the new signs of Spring?
  • Maybe you're thinking more philosophically about ways to re-energize or renew some aspect of your lives?
  • Maybe you're feeling a little retrospective about past Springs...yours or your children's?

So be sure to send us your blog posts as soon as you can to

And if you're not writing a blog yet, what's stopping you? Join the unschooling blog community!

Austin Kite Festival!

The Monarchs are Back!
Discovering Robin eggs in the yard
Who can resist the babies?

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