Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome Unschooling Bloggers!

All NEW!!  Step right up!!

The Unschooling Blog Carnival is about to begin!

Many of you might be asking, "What is it??"
A Blog Carnival is a collection of  posts from a variety of blogs that all are related by a certain theme. Blog Carnivals can be centered around any theme and ours is first and foremost, Unschooling. Each month, we'll suggest an additional theme to help give the Carnival some (just a little!) cohesiveness.  Think of a carnival, with all the booths and different attractions. Each blog post will be like walking down the Unschool Midway!

One of the reasons Blog Carnivals are called carnivals is because they sometimes move around among bloggers. This way, we can share the workload as well as gain additional exposure for our carnival.  If you think you'd be interested in Hosting one month's Unschooling Blog Carnival at your site, let Sue know!

We have some wonderful writers in our community. Some write frequently, and others, not as much. Everybody's welcome. Let's celebrate unschooling, get to know other unschooling bloggers, and start the year off right!

I hope you'll submit your favorite unschooling blog post this month. I know there's not a lot of time, but you can do it!!!  My friend and fellow unschooling mom Cydney and I will weave it all together somehow.  We think it will be lots of fun!

Since the Grand Opening of the Unschooling Blog Carnival will be February - the theme is:

                                                                LOVE !

So write a blog post or send one you've already written about LOVE - showing it, receiving it, watching it unfold! This could present in all kinds of ways!  Here are some ideas. I'm sure you'll think of much more than these:
  • What you LOVE about the flexibility that Unschooling offers
  • What you LOVE about traveling with family, or learning together
  • How your toddler showed his LOVE for his newborn sister
  • How you LOVE sharing stories with your kids about older relatives
  • How you LOVE getting together with other unschooling families
                or maybe it's just what you LOVE about being an Unschooling family!

With a topic like LOVE, the possibilities are ENDLESS!

  1. The Unschooling Blog Carnival will appear here on the 1st of each month.

  2. Submit your Blog Post Entry here with "Submitting for the Carnival" in the subject line.

    Please include the following information:
    •    Your Blog URL 
    •    Your Blog Name
    •    Title of Blog Post for Carnival
    •    URL for Blog Post for Carnival
    •    A brief description of the post

  3. DEADLINE for each carnival is the 25th of the month
  4. Bloggers can only submit one blog post per month. The blog post can be new or written specifically for the Carnival
  5. When you participate in the Unschooling Blog Carnival, your blog will be added to the Blog List on this blog.
  6. When the Carnival is uploaded, please link to it from your blog, share it on your Facebook page, and send the links to your email lists. This will help us get future submissions and give people more reasons to go to your blog!
  7. Feel free to copy our Unschooling Blog Carnival badge here on the left, to your blog and link folks back here.  (If I figure out how to create a badge that I can give you embedding code, I'll let you know! Or if you know, send me an email)
  8.  We will update you when the Carnival is uploaded here at the site. But it would be great to have you sign up to follow by email, so you'll be "on the list" when new carnivals are coming to town!