Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summertime Carnival !!

Ahhh... just the words "Summer Vacation" make me smile a little.  As a school kid, it was that carrot on the stick, that prize for lasting all year.  We would watch the calendar for Memorial Day in the same way we'd watch the clock sloowwwly tick toward 3:00 every afternoon.  It was clear: the human body and mind were hardwired for FREEDOM!

So fast forward a few years - or even decades - and some of those school kids grew up to be unschooling parents!  Vacation time is no longer relegated to June-July-August. We don't need a carrot on stick to help our kids survive the Fall, Winter and Spring months.  That paradigm has been tossed out the window. Most of our days September through May look like vacation days for kids who do school (in a building or at home!)  I had a friend in Alaska tell me that she loved hanging out with unschoolers because they were always so creative and fun. It's true! When you read through these blogs of what unschoolers have been doing all summer, you'll surely agree!

Thanks to our Unschooling bloggers for sharing glimpses of how they've been packing in the fun this summer. Because that's what this issue of the Unschooling Blog Carnival is all about! Some went on vacation, some stayed home and played, but all of them look like they're having a great time enjoying life with their kids.  We all hope you are doing the same!

Click the links, visit the blogs and and leave a comment letting them know you stopped by!  It's nice to hear from others in the unschooling community.

Welcome to the 

Unschooling Blog Carnival!

Step Right up to the Carnival Tent full of TRAVELERS

Shady Lady had a lot of beach fun on her family's Oregon Coast Weekend She blogs at Unschooling Royalty 

SaraMcGrath blogs at Unschooling Lifestyle. Her family started with an epic West Coast Road trip in April and then continued the fun throughout the summer. Read all about it in What We Did This Summer.

Christina Pilkington blogs at  
Interest-Led Learning.  Her Travel Edition - July Unschooling Adventures is a fabulously detailed description of her family's 19 day trip through Canada and the Upper East Coast.  If you're planning a trip up there, you'll want to see all the things they did. 

Frank from Singularity helps us understand some Latin terms in Let's Disco! It's not what you think...but then again, it is! Frank's family is bracketing their summer with a couple homeschooling conferences, have some road trips planned, and "a concentrated dose of unschooling."

The Windwalker Duo post at 1Dad 1Kid and 1Crazy Adventure. This single dad has packed up his son and headed out on adventures around the world. Check out their life lessons from turtles as they shares photos and thoughts on a sea turtle release in Mexico.

Sometimes traveling means learning about events that we wish HADN'T occurred. Such is the case in this blogpost from Jenn's (fantastic) Family Travel blog for Nomadic World Travelers: Bohemian Travelers.  Still, it's a must-read: The Killing Field Tour in Phnom Penh

This Carnival Tent is Full Of Local Adventures!

Gail Higgins shares what she, Broc, Brenna and Logan have been up to in Summer What's Up? on her blog Hummingbird Haven.

aNonyMous @ Radical Ramblings is blogging about how different summer is now that she's sharing it with her baby in First Summer.

Heather Booth from Today was Amazing takes us along with her family to The Garden at Krause Springs, in the Texas Hill Country. A beautiful place to relax and cool off! 

Lisa Nalbone blogs at her own blog Lisa Nalbone: Fruitful Solutions for Parents and Other Lifelong Learners  about the ABC's of Learning Beyond School.  Read her little poem reminding us that P is for Play! Perfect for summertime anytime!

Nicolas shares his family's plan for a Stay-cation at his blog Multum in Parvo.  Check out his plan at Our Home-Based Vacation.

And it wouldn't be the Unschooling Blog Carnival without a 

Tent with a little Reminiscing!

Linda Wyatt answers the infamous question What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation?  in her blog Unschooling Me. She shares how her summertime looks a whole lot like the rest of her year - fun, family, activities together.  

Sue Patterson blogs at Lifelong Learning AND A Life Full of Days.  In A Long Line of Lake Lovers, she takes us on a retro look at summer times of bygone days and shares what it was like to go sailing this summer with some of her grown children. 

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